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Do You Know God?
  Broken Neck Story | .:|:. Survive. Arrive. Come Alive.
1. "Breaking My Neck and Living by God's Grace"
Read this miraculous story to see how God is at work today.


2. "Halovest Tips & Suggestions"
Are you in a Halo? This is for you - Tips from HaloVeterans.

Learn about God's Faithfulness through my Miraculous Personal Experience.
Mountain biking over a 30 foot cliff and living to tell how GOD saved my life.

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  Broken Neck Halo Story
READ  |  the Broken neck story
RECOVER  |  Halo resources with tips and suggestions
  Mission Trips
Accounts of missions trips and how God responded
The adventure continues...
GOD saved my life. Has He saved yours?

Do You Know GOD?

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019