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Do You Know God?
  Broken Neck Story | .:|:. Survive. Arrive. Come Alive.
1. "Breaking My Neck and Living by God's Grace"
Read this miraculous story to see how God is at work today.


2. "Halovest Tips & Suggestions"
Are you in a Halo? This is for you - Tips from HaloVeterans.

Learn about God's Faithfulness through my Miraculous Personal Experience.
Mountain biking over a 30 foot cliff and living to tell how GOD saved my life.

Copyright Calvary Chapel Melbourne 2013 - CHANGED Video Series

  Broken Neck Halo Story
READ  |  the Broken neck story
RECOVER  |  Halo resources with tips and suggestions
GOD saved my life. Has He saved yours?

Do You Know GOD?

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Friday, July 19, 2024