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Halo Vest Fashion
Broken Neck Story and Halo Vest Tips
Broken Neck Story:
God is Faithful

Breaking my neck and living to tell about it

Halo Vest Tips


Valuable halovest tips from a HaloVeteran

What to Wear? Halovest Fashion.

  1. Using T-Shirts

  2. Cut shirts down the shoulder line and slip them on like a dress. Pull the shirt armhole out one side first and put your arm through, and then pull the shirt over to the other armhole, pull it out, and put that arm through. Finally, tuck in the loose part under the shoulder of the halovest. You can sew buttons onto the shirt shoulder, but they can get irritating under the halovest especially since it rests on the shoulders. The lambs wool (which I affectionately called "sheepy") keeps from getting dirty by using the T-shirts. A supply of 7 allows them to get washed once a week.
  3. Button-Up Shirts

  4. These are great for dress up events - You want to look your best! They are also fairly easy to put on, but doing up the buttons can be challenging.
  5. Cooler Weather

  6. Staying warm will keep your neck from tensing up. Vests and V-neck sweaters work quite well. Regular jackets also work well, but you might need a scarf or a shawl if you live anywhere it gets really cold. 
  7. Other Suggestions

  8. There are some other companies on the internet that specialize in creating clothing for the HaloVeteran in training. One such company is "", which remakes clothing to accommodate the halo.

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