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Halo Vest Tips and Halo Suggestions
Broken Neck Story and Halo Vest Tips
Broken Neck Story:
God is Faithful

Breaking my neck and living to tell about it

Halo Vest Tips


Introduction to becoming a HaloVeteran

The Path to Recovery - Becoming a HaloVeteran

To join the ranks and become a ‘HaloVeteran’ is not easy, but with these helpful hints and suggestions, you should have an easier time than we did. Some of us learned it the hard way, others had help along the way. It is our prayer that you will be blessed by some practical suggestions to living with a halo vest from people who know what it is like. 

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A special thanks to those who contributed to this page:

  • Jane Currie
  • Lynda Roberts

If you have any other halo vest care tips or suggestions that you think we should add to this page, please tell us about them!

God loves you,

Ryan Roberts

Halozone Enterprises

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