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Halo Vest Pin Care
Broken Neck Story and Halo Vest Tips
Broken Neck Story:
God is Faithful

Breaking my neck and living to tell about it

Halo Vest Tips


Keep the pin sites clean and prevent long term scarring

Pin Care - "An Ounce of Prevention..."

Cleaning the pin sites is perhaps the most tedious, yet important part of wearing a halo. What you do with the pins now, and how you keep them clean will determine the amount of scaring once the halo is removed. It is easiest if somebody else does it for you, but you can do it yourself using a couple of mirrors.

There are many different theories and methods for properly cleaning the four pin sites on a halo. Here are some tips from experienced HaloVeterans:


HONEY is the single best way to prevent any infection and keep the pin sites from inflaming. If you can get some fresh, local, non-pasteurized honey, this will keep any infection away and help the pin sites to heal quickly while reducing scaring. Also, if you have a neck or other incision that is healing, put some honey on that as well covered by a cotton square. It may be a little sticky, but it is well worth the effort.

I was having a tough time with the scar on my neck and the pin sites becoming infected, until we read an article in the newspaper about the "healing powers of honey". This article just so happened to be on the back side of the newspaper article for the rescue helicopter pilots the day I was injured. It never ceases to amaze me how God works. The answer was there the entire time staring us in the face, all we had to do was look. 


  1. Medical Grade 100% Saline solution

  2. Q-Tips to work the best since they are more precise and leave less cotton behind.
  3. 50% hydrogen peroxide / 50% distilled water

  4. Be careful about using hydrogen peroxide since it can lead to scaring once the halo is removed. Honey still works the best for this, and reduces scaring at the same time. You can use a combination of cotton squares and cotton swabs to clean the pin sites.  

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